Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card


There is so much runaround with trying to find the details for the Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card. They seem very adamant about wanting you to enter your information into their site before they will even show you the terms and conditions that you are trying to apply for. Then when you finally figure out a way to breakthrough all of their madness without compromising yourself you can figure out why. Their interest rate isn't the greatest in the world. At 23.99% they are really not trying to show their customers any care at all. All they are showing with such a high APR is that all they want is your money.

Yes, Saks Fifth Avenue has some nice clothing and some nice deals. However, this card doesn't seem the way to go for most people. Even if you looked around the internet in search for the terms you will begin to come across lots of complaints of people who are having trouble usually with their bills. One thing we always want people to know though, with cards like these, be very careful not to get caught up in the shopping and forget about paying your bill. At the end of the day, if your bill isn't paid on time they will likely find their ways of adding late fees and increasing your APR as well. Nobody wants or needs to have an increase in their monthly bill and APR just for forgetfulness. Therefore, if you are a forgetful person we suggest you find a way to at least remember your Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card bill. Remembering the Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card bill will save you a lot of money and headache as well.

It's quite unfortunate when people are experiencing such hard times with their cards due to bill payment issues. Once problems start with the billing process, you most likely begin to lose the enthusiasm you had before about having the Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card in the first place. Everyone deserves to enjoy their Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card and their rewards, but you also have to pay to keep enjoying those things of course.

If you decide to apply for the Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card you will be able to even setup your account payments to go automatically so that you shouldn't have any problems. The way that they work is they have two levels of their card. You have the Saks Store card and then the Saks MasterCard. You have to have the regular card first because the MasterCard level is only available as an upgrade from the first level. So, if you are interested and/or would like to check out more information about the Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card, click on the apply button on the top right of this page under the picture of the card. Make sure that as you go through the process read every detail and know what you are signing off on so that you will not become surprised with anything later in billing issues or anything else for that matter.